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25th Nov 2013 Bourse's fate depends on capex puzzle

17th Oct Commodities may be signalling a brighter economic prospect

SIMON WARD, CHIEF ECONOMIST, HENDERSON GLOBAL INVESTORS -  | “The Standard & Poor’s GSCI commodity price index has fallen by 12% in US dollar terms so far in 2014.”

17th Oct Australian Small Caps: value vs. cheap

COLONIAL FIRST STATE ASSET MANAGEMENT -  | “For strong free cash flow and returns to be sustainable, a business needs to demonstrate it has sustainable competitive advantages.”

16th Oct No Smoke, No Mirrors: The Dutch Pension Plan

NEW YORK TIMES, BY MARY WILLIAMS WALSH - Retirement | When you retire, can you be sure your pension fund will have enough money in it to deliver your pension? This is a real issue in the US, where the most recent data suggest that public funds are holding just 67 cents for every dollar they owe to current and future pensioners.

15th Oct Hybrids, bear markets and climate change

BR SECURITIES AUSTRALIA -  | Hybrid prices tend to correlate with equity prices, especially in bear markets. Recent equity declines as well as commodity price declines should make hybrid investors a bit more cautious because of an important subset of the problems currently facing investors - the issue of climate change.

13th Oct Selling momentum in force but investors ponder sell-off

RIC SPOONER (CHIEF MARKET ANALYST, CMC MARKETS) -  | Selling on international markets sets the scene for another bleak opening on the Australian market. By Friday’s close, the ASX 200 was down 8.7% from its late August peak. With selling momentum clearly the order of the day, investors are trying to decide if the conditions are right for a major downward move in world stock markets.

13th Oct Potential in suburban Melbourne office market

BY TRILOGY FUNDS -  | The size and diversity of the Melbourne office market makes it a favourable investment destination. This view is supported by recent property market reports from a number of respected real estate organisations.

10th Oct What can go wrong for the markets?

BY VINEER BHANSALI, PIMCO -  | “Like Chicken Little, we can't know with any certainty what the greatest risk will be in the future. That suggests a broad hedge against risk is prudent – especially when it's inexpensive. Risk management is not just for chickens”

10th Oct Call date and final maturity date - beware the price cliff

BR SECURITIES AUSTRALIA -  | We think it is important to understand call / conversion dates relative to final maturity dates when analysing ASX listed hybrids. The difference between these dates creates price cliffs that investors need to be aware of. If secondary market credit spreads widen relative to the contracted coupon credit margin from an issuer, investors will stop pricing to the call/conversion...

8th Oct Is the RBA's on hold period unusual?

BETASHARES -  | The Reserve Bank of Australia’s decision to leave interest rates on hold this month now extends the period in which official interest rates have remained unchanged to 14 months. The extended period of steady interest rates seems unusual to some exasperated market analysts, and has led some to suggest it’s a particularly boring period for “RBA Watching.”

7th Oct Nikko AM Raises Overweight Stance on Global Equities

JOHN VAIL, NIKKO ASSET MANAGEMENT -  | “There are certainly some worrisome issues, as always, but we find none of them convincing enough to halt the upside momentum in equity prices,”


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