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18th Feb Three types of bonds: Part 1 - Fixed rate bonds

FIIG - Retirement,Superannuation | This is the first article in a three part series. Combined, the articles explain that bonds are appropriate investments across all economic cycles. There are three different bonds that work best under different economic conditions: fixed rate, floating rate and inflation linked.

18th Feb Share market heads into another busy reporting day with a relatively positive macro background

BY RIC SPOONER (CHIEF MARKET ANALYST, CMC MARKETS) -  | The takeover bid for Toll Holdings at a 49% premium to yesterday’s closing price is a positive atmospheric. Traders will be raking over their list of potential takeover targets in search of similar opportunities.

17th Feb Lower AUD to overwhelm Grexit, commodities, results

BY MICHAEL MCCARTHY (CHIEF MARKET STRATEGIST, CMC MARKETS) -  | While European investors fret about the possibility of a Grexit, unusual behaviour in selected local stock prices over the last week point to further gains for Australian shares. These gains may come regardless of the corporate results delivered by sixteen top two hundred companies today. Underpinning likely strength is further stability at higher prices of oil, copper and iron ore.

17th Feb "RBA to cut to 1.5%, $A heading for US 68c" - Betashares

BETASHARES -  | Given the Reserve Bank of Australia’s demonstrated concern over economic growth, we (Betashares) now expect the Bank to cut the official cash rate to 1.5% p.a. by late 2015, with the next interest rate cut seeming likely next month.

16th Feb Asian Markets Push Higher Ahead of Chinese New Year Holidays

BY MICHAEL MCCARTHY (CHIEF MARKET STRATEGIST, CMC MARKETS) -  | The Australian Market was sold off in early trade despite the positive leads from overseas markets. Profit takers took advantage of the recent run in Financial and Material companies sending the Australian Index over 40 points lower, before money returned to the banks, now paring most of this morning’s losses.

16th Feb Positive open ahead of an interesting week for markets

BY RIC SPOONER (CHIEF MARKET ANALYST, CMC MARKETS) -  | The stock market will open up this morning at the start of what promises to be an interesting week for traders.

13th Feb 'Grexit' would be no easy ride for austerity-weary Greeks

REUTERS -  | "Grexit" would be sudden, sharp and probably conducted in the dark of night; if Greece were to quit the euro, it would also mark the beginning of a long, hard road - for some harder still than the one already traveled.

13th Feb Sweden cuts rates below zero as global currency wars spread

TELEGRAPH UK, AMBROSE EVANS-PRITCHARD -  | Morgan Stanley warns that the world is revisiting the “ghosts of the 1930s” as one country after another tries to steal a march on others by devaluing first. Sweden has cut interest rates below zero and launched quantitative easing to fight deflation, becoming the latest Scandinavian state to join Europe’s escalating currency wars.

13th Feb Strong markets to support Australian shares

BY MICHAEL MCCARTHY (CHIEF MARKET STRATEGIST, CMC MARKETS) -  | Overnight, traders and investors read weak European data as further confirmation of ECB stimulus, driving continental shares higher. Similarly, US markets ignored anaemic retail sales to send markets higher on good corporate reports. Throw in a rally in oil and copper, and Australian shares are set to recoup yesterday’s lost ground.

12th Feb Why are bond yields so low?

OLIVER'S INSIGHTS - AMP CAPITAL -  | When I started my career over thirty years ago, Australian ten year Government bonds offered a yield of around 14% and global bond yields were similarly high. The big question then was why they were so high? Now, it is why are they so low? The ten year bond yield in Australia is just 2.6%.


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