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27th Nov Bank of Japan’s ‘Audacious’ Easing Confronts Deflation, Boosts Balance Sheet

BY SACHIN GUPTA AND TOMOYA MASANAO, PIMCO -  | On October 31, at the end of its monetary policy meeting, the Bank of Japan (BOJ) surprised markets by announcing additional monetary easing. This was the first significant increase in the BOJ’s Qualitative and Quantitative Easing (QQE) program since its launch in April 2013.

27th Nov The tortoise and the ECB

BY HARLEY BASSMAN, EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT AND PORTFOLIO MANAGER, PIMCO -  | Investors may wonder how long the European Central Bank (ECB) will slumber after taking an early lead in the race to expand its balance sheet to facilitate growth across the eurozone – the world’s second-largest economy.

27th Nov Mixed leads mean mixed action

BY MICHAEL MCCARTHY (CHIEF MARKET STRATEGIST, CMC MARKETS) -  | Predicting the outcome of share market trading today is more difficult than usual. Positive moves in European shares contrast with a flat US performance. Better growth numbers over the past week are offset by weaker durable goods and consumer numbers in the US overnight.

26th Nov Trading this week has been all about Medibank

BY CHAY FLACK (EQUITY AND DERIVATIVES DEALER, CMC MARKETS) -  | The Australian market started strong this morning adding 55 points on the back of surprising US GDP numbers overnight. Most of the gains have been retained moving into the afternoon session with the ASX200 staying up 40 points.

26th Nov Australia 200 Index – Buy the Gamechanger

CMC MARKETS -  | A rate cut from the People's Bank of China short circuited resource selling, and may bring higher levels for the main share market index.

26th Nov Aussie Dollar push to new lows and weak iron ore prices reveal mounting market concern over China’s economy

BY RIC SPOONER (CHIEF MARKET ANALYST, CMC MARKETS) -  | Markets received more good news on the US economy last night with news that the official estimate of 3rd quarter GDP growth has been increased to 3.9%. However, local investor focus is likely to be closer to home with mounting concern over China’s economy and release of quarterly construction work figures for our economy.

25th Nov XJO falls as Medibank takes centre stage

BY WILL LEYS (SALES TRADER, CMC MARKETS) -  | The ASX200 market is sharply lower at lunch, cooling off after yesterday’s rally, despite reasonable international leads. US markets edged higher overnight, extending record levels, but there was little new in the way of catalysts. Global sentiment remains mildly positive on the back of last week’s stimulus double play out of China and Europe.

25th Nov In Change of Strategy, China Cuts Interest Rate

BY NEIL GOUGH, REPORTER, NEW YORK TIMES -  | For months, Beijing avoided broad stimulus measures, signalling that it was comfortable with the country’s slowing growth. But sliding house prices, reduced foreign investment and a flagging manufacturing sector, coupled with the continuing woes in Japan and Europe, prompted the People’s Bank of China to make a move.

25th Nov Economic check-in: Goldilocks environment

BY LISA EMSBO-MATTINGLY, DIRECTOR OF ASSET ALLOCATION RESEARCH, FIDELITY -  | An improving job market, low inflation, and a strengthening dollar all add up to a more-confident U.S. consumer. But is consumer spending sustainable? And will turmoil overseas help or hurt the ongoing U.S. expansion?

25th Nov Medibank Private to Dominate

BY MICHAEL MCCARTHY (CHIEF MARKET STRATEGIST, CMC MARKETS) -  | After a welcome relief rally yesterday, Asia Pacific share markets are looking at a more subdued trading day following mixed leads from overseas markets. While European and US shares rallied, falls in energy and metals prices suggest not all is well with the global growth outlook.


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