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24th Oct Just because it is in fashion – doesn’t mean it fits.

MARKETVECTORS-AUSTRALIA -  | The differences between LICs and ETFs

23rd Oct The "Mythbuster" approach to Indexing : Inefficient Markets

VANGUARD - CHRIS PHILLIPS -  | Probably the most common myth I hear, and I hear it a lot, is, “We’re happy to index large-cap U.S. stocks, but we prefer active in small-cap or international markets.” Makes sense, right? After all, large-cap stocks, those in the S&P 500 Index, for example, are closely followed by analysts, traders, portfolio managers, and sell-side research firms.

23rd Oct How to take advantage of the "new mediocre" global growth

FIIG -  | Bond markets continue to defy market expectations of a pull back. They are still proving to one of the best performing asset classes of the year amid renewed weakness in the global economy.

23rd Oct What’s moving markets: correction or crisis? It depends where you sit.

MATTHEW SHERWOOD, HEAD OF INVESTMENT MARKET RESEARCH, PERPETUAL -  | “…rapidly declining markets, whilst always sobering, can also represent a signal to buy rather than sell and to remain calm while others panic.”- Matthew Sherwood, Head of Investment Market Research, Perpetual

23rd Oct Abenomics Update - Japan

PLATINUM ASSET MANAGEMENT -  | Enough time has passed since the advent of “Abenomics” to justify a mid-term report card.

23rd Oct Keep an Eye on Europe

CLIME - JOHN ABERNATHY -  | Fund manager John Abernethy says RBA deputy governor Guy Debelle was right to warn investors that there are a lot of negatives around that are already spilling from bond to equity markets.

22nd Oct Threat to Medibank from Comparison Sites

FORAGER FUNDS - STEVE JOHNSON -  | The number of policyholders under the Medibank Private brand has shrunk. Only fractionally, but there are less Medibank Private policyholders today than two years ago. All of the growth is coming within Medibank’s no frills insurance brand, ahm.

21st Oct Why Europe is turning Japanese - not good!

BT INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT - VIMAL GOR -  | Outside of central bank action, the economics (and demographics) point towards a future Eurozone that looks very much like modern day Japan. We’ve seen from the US experience that market worries can be allayed by strong central bank action but Europe might be a harder nut to crack.

17th Oct Commodities may be signalling a brighter economic prospect

SIMON WARD, CHIEF ECONOMIST, HENDERSON GLOBAL INVESTORS -  | “The Standard & Poor’s GSCI commodity price index has fallen by 12% in US dollar terms so far in 2014.”

17th Oct Australian Small Caps: value vs. cheap

COLONIAL FIRST STATE ASSET MANAGEMENT -  | “For strong free cash flow and returns to be sustainable, a business needs to demonstrate it has sustainable competitive advantages.”


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