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16th Dec Oil reversal smashes data

BY MICHAEL MCCARTHY (CHIEF MARKET STRATEGIST, CMC MARKETS) -  | Multi-year high readings on US industrial production and capacity utilisation initially spurred markets higher in overnight trading. The unambiguous strength in the US economy may give the Fed plenty to talk about at its meeting tonight, but a reversal in energy markets from gains to further dramatic losses soured the session and dragged equities to lows.

15th Dec Oil - Boon or slippery slope

BY ROBERT SPECTOR, SANJAY NATARAJAN AND ROBERT M. HALL, MFS -  | Roughly one year ago, the consensus forecast for the end of 2014 was $100 per barrel for West Texas Intermediate and $110 for Brent crude — a miss of about 30% compared with current prices around $70.

11th Dec Passing the Baton to the Global Consumer

BY GOLDMAN SACHS ASSET MANAGEMENT -  | Five and a half years into the bull market, many stock markets are achieving record highs while volatility is hovering around the lowest levels in years. Have market participants become complacent? Goldman Sachs doesn’t think so. In fact, the US i-bank believes the impressive milestones are making many investors nervous.

11th Dec Get real

BY MICHAEL WILSON, CHIEF INVESTMENT OFFICER, MORGAN STANLEY WEALTH MANAGEMENT -  | We can look ahead to 2%-to-2.5% real GDP growth instead of the 4% we have come to expect since World War II?

11th Dec Stormy Weather

BY MICHAEL MCCARTHY (CHIEF MARKET STRATEGIST, CMC MARKETS) -  | Dark clouds hang over Asia Pacific share markets this morning after a wild and stormy night’s trading. Record inventory levels produced a further slide in oil prices, fanning the flames of a Greek inspired European share sell off. Local jobs data is unlikely to ease the pressure, and all sectors are forecast to open down this morning.

9th Dec Market falls with oil, iron ore and local business confidence

BY WILL LEYS (SALES TRADER, CMC MARKETS) -  | Weak leads from international markets overnight ensured the local index started under pressure, and it very much remains this way at midday.

9th Dec Income & Fixed Interest Commentary – more QE to come?

BY VIMAL GOR, HEAD OF INCOME & FIXED INTEREST, BT INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT -  | “This is the start of a significant deterioration in risk assets, and while we may hit a new high in the S&P in the next few weeks it will be materially lower in the coming months.”

9th Dec Remember the UK housing bubble?

BY IAN CAMPBELL, REUTERS -  | “This is the start of a significant deterioration in risk assets, and while we may hit a new high in the S&P in the next few weeks it will be materially lower in the coming months.”

5th Dec Confidence in bank stocks ahead of the Murray Report a key to today’s trading

BY RIC SPOONER (CHIEF MARKET ANALYST, CMC MARKETS) -  | The long awaited Financial System Inquiry report will be released on Sunday but if the last couple of day’s market action is any guide, bank shareholders don’t appear too phased. Against the background of mixed international leads, whether or not this support for bank stocks continues might hold the key to how the ASX200 index fares today.

4th Dec Investors looking for a hat trick

BY MICHAEL MCCARTHY (CHIEF MARKET STRATEGIST, CMC MARKETS) -  | Australian investors are looking for a third daily rise in a row as positive US data and quieter commodity markets further ease the pressure from a constrained global growth outlook.


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