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30th Sep The ‘Internet of Things’ – the next mega-trend

GOLDMAN SACHS GLOBAL INVESTMENT RESEARCH - Managed Funds | Just when you thought you had a reasonable handle on the internet, in terms of how it can make your life easier, and how it can help you grow wealth, a new internet wave is coming our way – big time. It’s called the ‘Internet of Things’, and it’s got the potential to connect 28 billion ‘things’ to the internet by 2020, ranging from bracelets to cars.

30th Sep Downside risks to consumer spending

BETASHARES - Etfs | Consumer spending accounts for 53 per cent of the economy (real GDP), so the degree to which households decide to spend or save is critical to the economic outlook. A major positive for spending of late is rising household wealth, but we should not overestimate its impact, as weak income growth poses a major offsetting downside risk to consumer spending.

29th Sep Hybrids of the major banks to be downgraded

FIIG -  | ‘New style’ hybrids really are a hot topic at the moment, and not for the right reasons. You do not have to be a keen market observer to have noticed all the press lately surrounding hybrids, in particular the ‘new style’ contingent convertible Basel III compliant securities (aka ‘Cocos’).

24th Sep Bond value & market timing

FIIG -  | Today I want to discuss a topical question that I seem to be coming across continually from people interested in bonds, but due to this question, they are a apprehensive about investing in bonds. That question is: “Aren’t bonds expensive right now, and is now even the right time to buy bonds if rates are likely to go up?”

22nd Sep Is this a record economic expansion?

MATT SHERWOOD HEAD OF INVESTMENT MARKET RESEARCH, PERPETUAL - Managed Funds | Investors have been asking how long the current economic global recovery cycle can last. The fact is, business cycles do not just die off from natural causes, events need to end them.

19th Sep Equities bell a long way from being rung

BTIM -  | In the short run it’s inevitable that equity markets will fall from time to time but, in our opinion, it’s not possible to reliably forecast these falls ahead of time.

9th Sep Access global growth locally

MARKETVECTORS-AUSTRALIA - Etfs | “The British East India Company’s ships flew an ensign incorporating the Union Jack. Today corporate nationality is harder to determine.” – The Economist May 2014. Australian companies are increasingly becoming more global. You can now give your portfolio this advantage.

3rd Sep Medibank Private float given the greenlight

-  | The Australian Government has flicked the switch on the sale of Australia’s largest health insurer, Medibank, with the announcement of an initial public offering of shares (IPO) by December.

21st Jul CMC Markets Weekly Report


U.S. stocks rose on Friday, following better than expected corporate earnings from major players and found comfort in the view that geopolitical tensions in appeared contained.

19th Dec Fund battle adjourned

THE AGE -  | A legal stoush between the Future Fund and AustralianSuper has been adjourned for three months. The Victorian Supreme Court battle centres on the price the Future Fund paid for a stake in Perth Airport. AustralianSuper, also an investor, claims the Future Fund priced it out of expanding its holding in the airport by ascribing a premium of up to 43 per cent of the asset.


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