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InvestSMART regularly provides you with the opportunity to invest in exciting new investment opportunities, such as IPOs and other capital raisings. We have Australia's most comprehensive database of floats online - both past and present!

Floats & IPOs - extract only  
Company Security Code Float Date Issue Price First Day Close
Upcoming Floats more
AirXpanders, Inc AXP 22nd Jun 2015 $1.50 -
ALT Resources Limited ARS - $0.20 -
Altona Resources Limited AOA 29th May 2015 $0.20 -
amaysim Australia Limited AYS 15th Jul 2015 $1.80 -
Argo Global Listed Infrastructure Limited ALI 3rd Jul 2015 $2.00 -
Recent Floats more
Superloop Limited SLC 4th Jun 2015 $1.00 $2.03
1st Available Limited 1ST 9th Jun 2015 $0.35 $0.18
Gateway Lifestyle GTY 11th Jun 2015 $2.00 $2.08
Flexiroam Limited FRX 16th Jun 2015 $0.20 $0.20

All dates are indicative only and are subject to change without notice.


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