BlackRock Index - Top 20

BlackRock Index – Top 20

The investment objective of this Model Portfolio is pursued by investing in a representative sample of shares held in the S&P/ASX 20 Accumulation Index. The Index is comprised of the 20 largest and most liquid stocks in the Australian stock market. The Model Portfolio may invest in shares that have been or are expected to be included in the Index.

Designed for investors who...

  • Seek exposure to Australian equities through a portfolio of large capitalisation stocks;
  • Are happy to receive index returns without any active investment management; and
  • Accept the risk of significant price fluctuations.
Offer Overview  
Offer BlackRock Index - Top 20
Minimum Investment $5,000
Blackrock Administration Fee 0.6%p.a. up to $500,000*
InvestSMART Administration Fee 0.4%p.a.
There are no entry fees or trailing commissions on this product.
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Performance to 31/12/2013

Period Gross % Out-performance %^ Benchmark*
3 Months 3.89% -0.18% 4.07%
6 Months 14.14% -0.56% 14.70%
1 Year 22.50% -0.75% 23.25%
2 Years (%pa) 22.42% -0.79% -23.21%
3 Years (%pa) 10.97% -0.33% 11.30%
Since Inception (%pa)# 8.62% -0.35% 8.97%

^Benchmark: S&P/ASX 20 Leaders Accumulation Index
* S&P/ASX 20 Leader Accumulation Index.
# Model performance inception date: 8/11/2005.


As this Model passively tracks its benchmark index, the S&P/ASX 20 Accumulation Index, the Model Portfolio Manager does not currently charge fees for this Model.

  • Investment Fee - Nil
  • Performance Fee - N/A

Further details on fees can be found on page 23 of the Product Disclosure Statement.

Download offer Prospectus/PDS

* The Blackrock Administration fee is a tiered stucture which reduces based on the size of the portfolio. Please see page 23 of the Prodct Disclosure Statement for more information.

InvestSMART makes no recommendations as to the merits of any investment opportunity referred to on this website. Before making any investment decision on the basis of any reports or information provided you must read the disclosure document and make your own investigations regarding the accuracy, reliability and completeness of this information.


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