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Bulls Run

By Michael McCarthy (chief market strategist, CMC Markets) 27/08/2015 | Shares markets in the Asia Pacific region are set for further gains today after a strong night of trading in the US fuelled by better than expected economic data. Volatility remains elevated, and a sudden shift in sentiment is possible.

Market turmoil - an investor’s friend or foe?

InvestSense 27/08/2015 | Most people don’t like seeing the value of their investments depreciate, which seems sensible enough, but what most people fail to consider is that market declines can be a positive outcome for value investors. By investing the same amount, you automatically buy more assets when prices are low, and fewer when they are high. Meaning that when the market is down your average entry price is lower.

Weak US markets wrong foot local markets

By Ric Spooner (Chief Market Analyst, CMC Markets) 26/08/2015 | Against a background of ongoing volatility and large market swings, investors are unsettled by the fact that US markets gave up early large gains to finish down last night. The Australian market, which staged a strong rally has potentially been wrong footed by this move, at least to begin with.


By Michael McCarthy (Chief Market Strategist, CMC Markets) 25/08/2015 | Australian investors are in for another torrid day of selling after share prices were slaughtered in overnight trading. European markets dropped around 5%, and US markets outstripped even those drops at their opening, before rallying back to 3-4% falls.

Computershare's Morris turns buyer again

Intelligent Investor 24/08/2015 | What does it take for a seller to become a buyer? A stock price fall, of course.

Stock market sell-off sets up for volatility

By Ric Spooner (Chief Market Analyst, CMC Markets) 24/08/2015 | The Australia 200 Index looks like being sold down towards levels not seen since October last year as investors react to Friday’s violent sell off in US equities.


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