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Treading Water

By Michael McCarthy (Chief Market Strategist, CMC Markets) 2/10/2015 | An indecisive night on global markets gives Asia Pacific investors little to trade on ahead of tonight’s key release of US non-farm payrolls. Shares, currencies and commodities all saw volatility drop, and most markets reversed themselves within the session.

Asia Pacific Leads

By Michael McCarthy (Chief Market Strategist, CMC Markets) 1/10/2015 | European and US markets took their cues overnight from Asia Pacific trading, largely echoing the 2% gains seen across the region yesterday. Improving sentiment saw industrial commodities bounce, and a further 14% rally in Glencore shares means they are close to flat for the week.

The 56 Billion Dollar Question

By Michael McCarthy (Chief Market Strategist, CMC Markets) 30/09/2015 | After a resource based panic in the Asia Pacific region, European and US markets have disdained the weak impulse and rallied into the US close. Oil prices are higher, as are industrial metals.

Resources Panic Attack

By Michael McCarthy (Chief Market Strategist, CMC Markets) 29/09/2015 | In a classic share market panic investors are bailing out of resource stocks following further pressure on London-listed commodity house Glencore. Its shares fell further overnight, as analysts fretted over its debt pile, and its share price is now down more than 80% on its 2015 high.

Whimper before the bang

By Michael McCarthy (Chief Market Strategist, CMC Markets) 28/09/2015 | Share markets are off to a modest start this week ahead of a packed economic calendar over the rest of the week. Despite surging European shares, a mid-session sentiment reversal in the US on Friday night could see enthusiasm wane over the trading day.

Bankers’ remorse

By Michael McCarthy (Chief Market Strategist, CMC Markets) 25/09/2015 | US Federal Reserve Chair, Janet Yellen attempted to “right the ship” in her first speech since the board decided not to lift US rates in September. Her re-iteration that the Fed plans to lift interest rates this year.


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