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Just because it is in fashion – doesn’t mean it fits.

marketvectors-australia 24/10/2014 | The differences between LICs and ETFs

The "Mythbuster" approach to Indexing : Inefficient Markets

Vanguard - Chris Phillips 23/10/2014 | Probably the most common myth I hear, and I hear it a lot, is, “We’re happy to index large-cap U.S. stocks, but we prefer active in small-cap or international markets.” Makes sense, right? After all, large-cap stocks, those in the S&P 500 Index, for example, are closely followed by analysts, traders, portfolio managers, and sell-side research firms.

How to take advantage of the "new mediocre" global growth

FIIG 23/10/2014 | Bond markets continue to defy market expectations of a pull back. They are still proving to one of the best performing asset classes of the year amid renewed weakness in the global economy.

What’s moving markets: correction or crisis? It depends where you sit.

Matthew Sherwood, Head of Investment Market Research, Perpetual 23/10/2014 | “…rapidly declining markets, whilst always sobering, can also represent a signal to buy rather than sell and to remain calm while others panic.”- Matthew Sherwood, Head of Investment Market Research, Perpetual

Abenomics Update - Japan

Platinum Asset Management 23/10/2014 | Enough time has passed since the advent of “Abenomics” to justify a mid-term report card.

Keep an Eye on Europe

Clime - John Abernathy 23/10/2014 | Fund manager John Abernethy says RBA deputy governor Guy Debelle was right to warn investors that there are a lot of negatives around that are already spilling from bond to equity markets.


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