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Global Markets Review - December

Betashares 23/01/2015 | The highlight for December was almost certainly the stunning collapse in oil prices, which was associated with further weakness in the Australian dollar.

20 20 Investing

Marketvectors-Australia 19/01/2015 | The T20 Big Bash League is gaining popularity. There is no doubt of the appeal of 20/20 cricket. It is built for the broad market being short, fast and fun. Cricket is being packaged to appeal to our apparent shortening attention span. Journalism has been focused on our shortening attention spans for longer; this is particularly the case with financial journalism. But in finance, is short-termism fast and fun?

Fixed Interest Asset Allocation versus Fixed Interest Securities

BR Securities Australia 18/01/2015 | It is BR Securities view that any fixed interest security can be purchased if the reward for the risk is there. However, not all fixed interest securities belong in your fixed interest, low risk portfolio allocation.

Stick to the odds and main themes when investing in fixed income securities

BR Securities Australia 14/01/2015 | The odds of a listed hybrid losing money from the embedded credit risk within and the main underlying industry and global trends need to be key considerations for fixed interest investors.

Greece vs Europe: who will blink first?

By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, The Telegraph (London) 9/01/2015 | There is a whiff of 1914 to the latest Balkan showdown. Everybody thinks everybody else is bluffing, all of them betting that a calamitous chain reaction will be averted.

Mixed Signals Makes Choppy Trading

By Tony Kwok (Sales Trader, CMC Markets) 30/12/2014 | The mixed signals overnight of higher iron ore and copper prices against a lower gold and oil price have left investors uncertain about the market. This has led to the sell off today in the local market since the open, noting that volumes remain very low, in the last full day of trading this calendar year.


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